Innovation Hub - Las Vegas 2024

The Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub is an intimate space within SEICon, curated for technology startups to showcase and engage with attendees primed for connection and deal-making across Sports and Entertainment. Here attendees and participating companies can:


Time and space to foster in-depth discussions, facilitating meaningful connections and collaborative opportunities.


1:1 meetings with strategic partners, investors, sports and entertainment properties, brands, media, academics, and fellow innovators.


See participant's value proposition presented in a highly curated exhibition environment, focusing on quality innovation.

Hub Innovators

Pioneering novel advancements in applied physiology, biostatistics and cognitive computing to arm coaches, medical practitioners, trainers and athletes.

X2L leverages select wearable tech and apps to make VO2 max assessments accessible and affordable outside of a dedicated hospital or lab.

RIZZARR is the content marketplace for the next generation of creators. Join RIZZARR to share your thoughts, work with brands, and make an impact.

Use your virtual reality goggles to learn to self-regulate your brain patterns. Healium’s VR experiences are immersive and engaging.

GUDEA has created a storm tracker for the internet. We know the origins of online information, how it’llmove across the platforms, and where it’ll have the most impact.

Drive Hockey Analytics is developing NHL level player and puck tracking analytics technology for all levels of hockey down to the grassroots.


LunchTable is the first fan activation and engagement platform designed to 20X your advertising spend by mobilizing your casual fans into digital brand ambassadors.

Parscape is a rewards-powered apparel marketplace designed for the golf industry. The online store features curated Direct-to-Consumer brands, cash-back shopping, and loyalty challenges.

Cache AI is revolutionizing the sports industry by providing an intelligence platform designed to quantify human potential and valuations in sports.

Founded with the vision to modernize sports careers and contract management for global athletes, Wevolv offers a comprehensive app-based management ecosystem designed to serve the unique needs of millions of contracted athletes, agents, and league administrators worldwide.

Out2Win Sports is an Athlete Marketing Intelligence Platform designed to provide brands and agencies with the data and resources to build impactful partnerships with college athletes.

Uplift’s AI-powered technology delivers real-time movement tracking and 3D analysis to enhance performance and health using only your smartphone. Uplift’s user-friendly, patented solutions provide coaches, trainers and physical therapists with the tools and analytics they need to optimize human performance while mitigating the risk of injuries in sports, health and wellness.

Make Vegas Pay is a Fort Lauderdale based company focused on revolutionizing the sports betting industry by developing an app that will help bettors become smarter sports investors. We leverage AI Analytics and pair it with entertainment to help people understand sports betting in a new way.

JouleFit revolutionizes fitness with AI, robotics, and data analytics, offering a destination gym where force-matching robotics and AI deliver efficient, effective workouts in just 15 minutes.

Eluvio is the creator of the Content Fabric, a next-generation software protocol solving the generational challenges of video on the Internet including distribution, monetization, provenance, and authenticity. The Fabric runs as an open global network and replaces brute force legacy streaming distribution (ingest, packager, transcoding, origin server, and CDN segment distribution) with its ‘content-native’ end-to-end protocol.

Lockerverse is the premier digital platform for sports, culture, and community, offering a comprehensive fan engagement and monetization solution. Connecting sports organizations, athletes, creators, and fans, Lockerverse enables exclusive access, authentic storytelling, and community-driven interactions to empower passionate supporters.

The Program 2024 (Las Vegas)

Fireside Chats


Casey Miller
Infinite Athlete

Future Proofing the Foundation of Sports

Sandy Khaund



Nancy Hensley
Mercury 13

Generative AI

Ruiz Armand


Panels: Investment in Sports Tech Innovations

Jessie Harris

TXV Partners

Ami Galani

Elysian Park Ventures

Ashley DeWalt

The Collectiv

Alysse Soll

underdog Advisory

Best In Show Judges

A showcase with participating Innovators looking to earn best in show recognition in their category, as well as a grand prize. 10 judges will evaluate each startup based on set criteria, including their pre-event submissions, onsite demonstration, and presentation to judges.”

Ami Galani
Elysian Park Ventures

Jessie Harris
TXV Partners

Ed Reynolds II
Helix Ventures

Ashley DeWalt
The Collectiv

Harish Samar
TikTok Sports

Marilou McFarlane
Women in Sports Tech (WiST)

Kristin Collins
Olympic Performance

David Steele
Plug and Play Tech Center Sportstech

Nancy Hensley
Mercury 13

Mark Faulkenberg
COMCAST Sports Tech

Nate Scott