Unique UNLV conference combines world class entertainment, sports

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – Las Vegas is known for major sporting events, world class entertainment and conventions. There’s a conference later this month that is going to combine all three to continue to elevate our city and at the same time to give some UNLV students an opportunity for growth in the field they’ve chosen to go into.

Jay Vickers, COO, UNLV Sports Innovation and Entertainment conference said, “I don’t think there’s any other place that has the intellectual capital of our sports leaders, our entertainment leaders, our city leaders that have come together in the last ten years which I think is one of the greatest decades in sports.”

Jay Vickers runs the UNLV Sports Innovation Institute. He’s one of the forces behind a new event called SEI Con – which stands for Sports, Entertainment Innovation Conference to be held July 15th through the 17th in Las Vegas.

“All things sports and entertainment wrapped in innovation happens in Las Vegas. And there’s no better way to present that than through SEI Con,” says Vickers.

Speakers and thought leaders in the industry will evolve into collaboration at the conference which organizers hope will be the springboard into deal making for business and corporations in the field but also for individuals looking for opportunities. UNLV and Syracuse University have joined forces to give students a chance to be educated and be involved in putting a major event together.

“That’s the epitome of all of this and also the catalyst,” said Vickers. “We’ve done these things through the UNLV sports innovation institute and our IPSM program where we’ve had students work for the Super Bowl, first time ever. And take that same mythology and put that into SEI Con and utilize all of our students and say look you have an opportunity to volunteer, learn from the best.”

Coming off this first ever conference there will be vertical events in cities like New York, Washington and London. But every summer the main base will be the event in July in Las Vegas, again, a chance for Las Vegas to continue growing its brand as well as the industry to grow theirs worldwide.