Michael Fabiano

Michael Fabiano is head of the media business at The Associated Press. He oversees multi-media content licensing, revenue, operations, business development and partnerships. He has been leading a multi-year transformation and growth strategy of AP’s 177-year-old business. This includes stabilizing the digital publishing sector, developing a new market strategy for local and national television, and launching new businesses.

Michael previously served as VP of Business Development at NBC News. In this position, he was responsible for strategic planning, digital product development, partnerships, and cross-platform revenue expansion. Michael led the deployment of branded digital initiatives across NBC News, The Today Show, MSNBC, Hulu, Syfy, iVillage, NBC Local TV Stations, Bravo and Universal Pictures. He was responsible for creating strategic partnerships with Apple, Amazon, Google, and Sony.

Michael was the general manager for The Weather Channel after it was acquired by NBC News. He launched several businesses for NBC News including NBC Digital, NBC eCommerce, and NBC Latino, and developed innovative programming such as the Daily Connection.

Prior to this Michael held senior leadership roles at NBC Universal corporate strategy, Cendant Financial and Accenture.

Michael holds an MBA from Columbia University and a Master of Liberal Arts in Journalism from Harvard University. He also received a BE in Mechanical Engineering, and a BA in English & American Literature from Stevens Institute of Technology.