Dr. Derek McHugh

As the Head of Data Science at Kitman Labs, Derek oversees the company’s research and analytics functions and plays a pivotal role in driving innovation, and providing strategic insights. With a strong background in Theoretical Physics and a PhD in quantum computing, his analytics journey has spanned over two decades, during which he has contributed to cutting-edge research, breakthroughs, and academic collaborations.

Beyond academia, Derek has successfully applied his skills and knowledge to make a significant impact in the finance, insurance and sports industries. His experience in these domains has honed his ability to navigate complex datasets, identify patterns, and extract meaningful insights that drive informed decision-making. With a unique blend of theoretical expertise, practical experience, and a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies, Derek is at the forefront of shaping the future of data science and analytics in the area of performance intelligence. His insights and leadership continue to empower organizations such as the Premier League, AS Roma, and the Chicago Cubs to unlock the full potential of their data, driving transformative outcomes in today’s rapidly evolving sports landscape.