Shawn Garrity

Shawn Garrity has never been far from sports. A graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Communications, Garrity was a scholarship athlete who excelled as an offensive lineman and received the Maxwell Award for Outstanding Student Athlete Citizen in 1986. After departing Syracuse, he took to a different field – the marketing, branding and promotions business – where his leadership has had enduring success for more than three decades.

In 2013, he founded Circle, a leading guest experience production agency in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he currently serves as the chief executive officer. His career has included the founding of a Las Vegas-based company called Performance Plus. After Performance Plus was sold to Heritage Communications, Garrity served as a division president for their western offices for eight years. Garrity left Heritage to become a partner at Lincoln Studios, which saw success leading the formation of the third largest marketing and communications agency MC2.

Over his career, Shawn has worked with many top global brands, including MGM, Warner Brothers, the NBA, MLB, ESPN, the Orange Bowl Committee, Adobe and NBC.

Garrity has served as a board member on several non-profits in his career and currently serves as an advisory council member for the Department of Sport Management in the David B. Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics at Syracuse University.