Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald is a professional acrobat and coach who has spent the last decade performing all across the world!

Acrobatics have given Mr McDonald an incredibly fulfilling, international career that has included stuntwork for television, multiple Cirque du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, Broadway, performing alongside the LA Philharmonic Orchestra at the Hollywood Bowl, and much more.

These days, McDonald performs onstage alongside Criss Angel, but offstage, he’s dedicated to fostering the next generation of acrobatic performers.

He works as a private coach and consultant, teaches group acrobatic workshops for a variety of disciplines, and maintains multiple social media channels that provide free instruction and resources for current and future members of the community. McDonald works with students of all ages and walks of life and believes that circus is not only as a spectacle, but can also serve as a vehicle for personal development and even a form of therapy.

Along with his colleague Dr Nathan Hollister, Mr McDonald co-owns Magnum Opus, a medical research company dedicated to studying biomechanics, injury patterns and effective rehabilitation strategies for the local population of acrobats and performers in Las Vegas. Through collaborative research with UNLV, McDonald and Hollister hope to bring more awareness to the circus community, a group comprised of countless world champions, olympians, and elite athletes, and also to understand the connections between circus and more conventional forms of sports and entertainment.

McDonald and Hollister host an annual “Circus Meets Medicine” conference in Las Vegas that is specifically geared towards both educating the local medical community on how to properly care for performers and developing novel circus-related research.

Originally hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Mr McDonald now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife, Dasha.