Nathan Hollister

Nathan Hollister is an Emergency Medicine physician located in Las Vegas, with a special interest in Sports and Performance Medicine. Dr. Hollister graduated medical school from George Washington University in Washington DC, where he worked with multiple different organizations on a variety of innovative projects including tabletop simulations, full scale disaster simulations, population/public health initiatives, and updating local as well as hospital guidelines for a myriad of possible scenarios. Dr. Hollister also worked with local agencies to provide medical care at events ranging from local sporting events to major federal and national events. He has extensive experience both in the field as well as in key leadership positions.

Dr. Hollister currently works as a resident physician at the only level one trauma center in the state of Nevada. In Las Vegas, Dr. Hollister, along with his colleague Mr. Scott McDonald, has a special interest in the health and wellbeing of performers and elite athletes. They are currently working in collaboration with UNLV to investigate the biomechanics of different performance disciplines as well as the medical implications of these findings. Annually, they host a “Circus Meets Medicine” conference that focuses on educating medical professionals on how to better take care of local performers and fostering further interest in research surrounding circus and performing arts.

In his freetime, Dr. Hollister trains flying trapeze along with a variety of other circus disciplines with local artists.