Ed Birchall

Ed Birchall, the visionary force behind Sobirho, leads a groundbreaking revolution in the sports industry. Crafted on the robust Palantir Foundry Platform, Sobirho isn’t just introducing remarkable software – it’s spearheading a transformative journey for sports organizations, redefining the landscape of data, technology, and AI applications. 


Ed’s exceptional journey, evolving from a pro sports career to Wall St & City of London finance behemoths such as Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, along with Silicon Valley disruptors in Palantir, and Advisory/Strategy Consulting at Capco, all at the board level, underscores his profound expertise. Now, he channels this wealth of experience into reshaping the sporting world.


Sobirho’s mission is a revolution, aiming to reshape the sporting realm through a paradigm shift in cutting-edge AI and Data Technology. Seamless integration with diverse data sets, transformation of data into contextual business understanding, and the delivery of actionable insights within days and weeks are the hallmarks of Sobirho’s approach.


Ed influence extends beyond borders as he collaborates with leading sports teams across football, rugby, cricket, and of course the broad US sporting landscape, injecting his distinctive approach into the sports business and challenging established technical norms. His advisory consulting leaves an indelible mark on renowned sporting organizations and brands in Formula 1, Rugby Union, Soccer, Football, and Baseball.


Ed’s global perspective, having lived in London, Colorado, New York, Frankfurt, and Sydney, adds a dynamic dimension to his work. As he continues to navigate the sporting landscape with unwavering pace, he eagerly anticipates networking with remarkable individuals at SEI Con, poised to leave an indelible mark on the future of sports innovation.