Dr. Matt Kritz, PhD

Dr. Matt Kritz, PhD, is the Executive Director for Human Performance at the University of California San Diego and the Founder of Thrivata. He has over two decades of experience enhancing athletic and human performance worldwide through relational, innovative, data-driven strategies.

Dr. Kritz has played a crucial role in UC San Diego’s transition to NCAA Division I, significantly improving athlete support systems by creating a holistic athlete support unit that has increased athlete readiness and availability by over 40%. At High-Performance Sport New Zealand, his efforts contributed to a remarkable 130% increase in Olympic medals won over two quadrennials, reflecting his ability to inspire and elevate performance on a global scale.

Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, Dr. Kritz holds a Ph.D. in Sports Biomechanics, two master’s degrees, and various certifications.
Dr. Kritz’s work exemplifies humility and dedication, making him a respected figure in his field of human performance.