Daryl Jones

Dj earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Michigan State University. Upon being recruited by Nike Inc., Dj pursued his passion and accepted a leadership role with the global sports industry icon, Nike Inc. As Dj rose through the leadership ranks at Nike, he also earned his master’s degree in business at DePaul University. As a Nike executive, Dj held key roles in global commerce, consumer marketing, marketplace development, and corporate culture.

After almost 20 years at Nike, Dj made what would prove to be a transformational life and career decision to pursue his aspirations in academia. In 2015 he was accepted into the doctoral program at Case Western Reserve University’s Weatherhead School of Business. At CWRU DJ made major scholastic breakthroughs with his studies related to crisis in sports organizations, through the paradigms of both leadership (qualitative) and fan engagement (quantitative). Dj also taught undergraduate and graduate courses at Pacific University and the University of Oregon while attending CRWU.

After graduating with his Doctorate in Management (Designing Sustainable Systems), Dj provided consulting services to global corporations, and domestic companies, and non-profits for several years. Dj’s work with these organizations has proven to be foundational in their ability to provide a flourishing work environment and transform employee culture.

Dj’s most recent work has been as both an executive and educator with Abilene Christian University. As Vice President of Sport Leadership, a university professor, co-developer of the Masters of Science in Sports Leadership, and developer of L&D for sports organizations; Dj has played a significant role in equipping students, athletes, and business leaders in their quest for elite holistic performance.