Aaron Taylor

With the national spotlight on mental health, CBS Sports Analyst, College Football Hall of Famer, and Super Bowl Champion, Aaron Taylor, was one of the first high-profile athletes to debunk the myths and stigmas associated with mental health in his widely publicized NCAA Mind Body and Sport article, Game Face Isn’t the Only Face. In the article, and in numerous events around the country, Aaron reveals some of the hidden obstacles – as well as opportunities – that most people face as it relates to brain and mind health. In the powerful 30 for 30 Seau film, Aaron opens up about his teammate, Junior Seau – who died by suicide – in an effort to help those struggling with their own mental health challenges.

Aaron believes that everyone on the planet deserves access to resources that promote emotional wellbeing & peace of mind. His friendly, light-hearted, and solutions-oriented approach is designed to do just that. Aaron is honest, real, and inspiring, yet his easy going attitude makes his thoughtful and creative approach enjoyable as it is informative.